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Published on August 17th, 2014 | by admin


Where did the summer go?

I can’t believe that its been almost a month since I last blogged, and summer is almost over.4691

I decided to take some time, (three months) off from the gym to allow the injury to my right glute / hip heal. For the past entire year I have spent 90% of it in pain. I actually made it to month two and just couldn’t take it any more so Friday I decided to go back a month early. I did research extensively about my injury and I have a game plan to rehab it and “hopefully” this time I won’t re-injure it. I forget how old I am and I turn into a beast when I’m working out. I just have to stay away from heavy weights from now on. Today was the third day in a row and I was able to restrain myself and spend alot of time stretching before during and after my workout. I feel like a new person…thank goodness because last week I got pretty depressed and incredibly bored. Its amazing how a good workout makes me feel, giving me so much more energy and also automatically causes me to be way more mindful of my diet.

I don’t have any new photos at the moment but don’t worry I am trying to have photos taken over the next few weeks. My new workouts seem to be helping since they are geared towards rehabbing my problem area. Lots of cardio, TONS of stretching and mainly range of motion using machines that target the hips and glutes.


After staying off of cholesterol medication (statins) for 2 months I had new blood work by a new Doctor and I am officially OFF of medication. My good cholesterol (HDL) is double what is normal so it takes from the bad (LDL) , which is a tad bit higher than normal SO I AM OKAY. I was dreading having to go back on statins because of the crazy side effects.

Tomorrow morning I am planning to take my puppies to visit with Jenna Covelli and her dog “Popcorn”. We will probably take a nice walk and let our babies play a bit. It should be fun.

I am writing this on my iPad and it’s getting late ….. almost 10 pm! LOL. It’s late for me anyway.
Nite nite
xoxoxo Jillian FoXXX

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