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Published on September 5th, 2014 | by admin


Walking the dogs with Jenna Covelli this morning

1284I drove to South County to spend the morning with Jenna Covelli. Our dogs all met for the very first time and got along very well. I was a little concerned about my older Boston, Molly. Ever since I got her little sister Layla she has been a little unpredictable meeting new dogs. She is very territorial and protective of me and her sister but its more an issue when we are walking around my condo and so far has not been an issue on the dog beach.

1279I Introduced Molly to Jenna’s dog Popcorn first while leaving Layla in my car just to be on the safe side. I thought it would be best to let them get to know each other outside her condo first before going inside. Molly was not shy and investigated the entire place top to bottom while Layla acted a bit nervous. I got the tour and while we were upstairs I noticed Layla was not with us. I was so embarrassed and a bit horrified to see that Layla pooped in her house!! OMG Thank goodness Jenna is so easy going (like me). I guess the strange house and new animal smells got to her and when we all went upstairs she freaked out a little. “Gotta LOVE EM….and I do!”1280

Anyway, here are a few pics we took during our walk. xoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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