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Training at the Gym


0521Today I benched 115 pounds at the gym. (next week I will try 120) Yeah! My sprained rotator cuff has healed nicely and I am so relieved to be able to finally be able to work my upper body now. I literally could not do any upper body at all for three months. I was feeling so good after dumping the boyfriend in the beginning of June that I was getting into my music and wasn’t concentrating on my form. Thats all it takes to cause an injury. When they say it takes 3 months to heal, it certainly does take exactly that long. I make certain to ice it after every upper body workout and then follow up with heat so that I don’t re injure it.




I am getting pretty buff right now and sadly in about a month I will need to back off the heavy weights and concentrate on ALOT more cardio because I will keep getting bigger and I do not want to get too big. LOL. I love lifting waaaay more than cardio but I have to do what I have to do.


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