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3623Well after one week back at the gym I decided to work out on both glute machines on Wednesday…both I had been ignoring all week because I attributed one of the two machines to the glute problem I had in the fall. Unfortunately, even though I only used half the weight I normally would use, I re injured it again. Thursday I was fine until I went to bed. I was woke up in excruciating pain and remained that way all day Friday. I was unable to work and was totally couch bound all day. I woke up Saturday morning and the rest did me good because I was able to move around without too much pain so I scheduled a massage. The masseuse determined that it was actually my lower back that was strained, which caused my glute to freeze up in response.

I plan to take the next week off from working out and I have two more massages scheduled during the week to help keep my back and gluteus stretched and relaxed. I was literally riding on the fence regarding weather to ice it or apply heat. According to the masseuse my lower back needed the ice and the glute needed the heat. CRAZY but makes total sense now.

BOTH glute machines are forever banned from my workout routine from this day forward. I had a feeling that was how it all started and now I am certain. I will just have to find other exercises to do to keep my ass looking in tip top shape. It sucks getting old. I don’t feel old until this kind of stuff starts happening. I will need to be more mindful in the gym.


Layla is coming along splendidly and I did start taking her with Molly for walks however she is too little to walk so I zip her up in my jacket so just her head and front paws stick out so she can enjoy the scenery. She stays awake the whole walk so she seems to really like it. Tomorrow I plan to take her for Molly’s weekly walk with Sadie at the beach. The weather has been very nice here so soon I will take her to the dog beach.

I hope everyone has had an outstanding weekend. Those of you on the east coast and up north
I hope you stay warm!

xoxoxo Jillian FoXXX

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