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Published on July 14th, 2013 | by admin


Swingers Club *CLUB EUPHORIA*

The Swinger’s party was in Long Beach, CA and was held in a warehouse. The theme was TEENIE WEENIE BIKINI night. It was nicely done with actual beds in the playrooms; different from LA COUPLES, CLUB AMNESTY, and TRAPEZE, where they had huge modular pieces that everyone played on. There were stripper poles set up everywhere and dark red velvet couches and chairs ….very sexy! The lighting had green, blue and red streamers that hung from the ceiling lights all the way to the floor was just like in the photo I posted advertising the party. We arrived around 10:15 pm and there were already alot of people there and many more arriving totaling maybe 150 – 200 people.


It was BYOB and the bar provided the mixers. The bartenders (if you want to call them that) were so incredibly slow. I guess it was probably a good thing because it kept people from getting wasted too fast.

I was shocked that people were taking photographs in the club section. I wish I would have brought my camera with us. I couldn’t take photos before we left because it was already dark outside but my  photographer came by this morning to take a few photos of me in the outfit I wore.  I feel and look a little tired because we I didn’t get home until 3 AM.





The guy I brought with me had never been to a swing club. I drove so he could drink alcohol and after we danced a little and he was on his third drink we got cozy on one of the couches next to the dance floor and I gave him a lap dance after stripping off my little skirt and top. This cute couple (Danielle and Albert) came over to sit with us and after talking to them realized that, like alot of married couples, they were really only looking to play with another girl. Daniel is a very HOTT 34 year old, long blonde hair and a really nice body with big tits that sure seemed natural to me. I thought she was definitely out of her husband’s league and in my opinion they will be divorced in a couple of years. My friend told them both that it was his first time attending a swing club and he was perfectly okay to just watch me play with them. Well I would have passed on them but since my friend insisted I decided OKAY. So we went back into one of the playrooms and Albert was all over me ….forgetting all about his hot wife Danielle.  When Danielle started to give my friend a blow job Albert seemed a little bothered by it and told my friend that she really didn’t want to do that and that she only wanted to watch him fuck me. Well that was it for me! I told Al that I was going to take care of my friend myself so they decided to get up and get dressed. I don’t play that like that. Fair is fair. Danielle was “taking one for the team” and Al stopped her. WHAT AN ASS. I brought my friend to completion, we walked around for a bit, and at 2PM we decided to call it a night. The party was still going on but we left.

I was really tired staying up so late but it was fun. Molly usually wakes me up around 6 am but I woke her up when I got home so she stayed up for a little bit chewing her bully stick so she slept in with me until 9:30am. THAT was great. I had breakfast and took her to the dog beach for an hour and now I am home writing this…………….

I hope everyone had a great weekend like I did!


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