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Swinger’s Lifestyle Event SATURDAY July 13



I am registered to attend this Swingers event on Saturday night. I haven’t participated in this lifestyle for a few years so I am excited to go.

The first year in my sobriety (2002) I would go to LA COUPLES Swing Club in Los Angeles every Saturday night. I turned my addictive behavior to sex and working out for my first 3 years sober. Sex made (and still makes) my life exciting. I always went by myself which was really great because I got to play with everyone. Single men are not allowed but single ladies are always encouraged to attend because every couple wants to include another woman in their sexcapades.  I LOVE girl-girl-boy play and attending a swing club always provides me a lot of hot sexy couples to choose from.  No strings attached hot sex.

euphoriadancefloorDuring my first year of sobriety I met a very attractive and extremely fit couple at LA COUPLES swing club.  We played that first night and exchanged phone numbers and a few days later the wife called me and invited me to their place in North Hollywood.  A week later the wife called me making excuses why she could not go to the Club that Saturday night and asked me if I would be willing to meet her husband there so he could get into LA COUPLES without her.  The following week she called me again and asked me if I would take him to a different club called FREEDOM ACRES in San Bernardino.  We went to FREEDOM ACRES but since it was so far away he stayed at my place afterwards to sleep for a few hours.  BIG MISTAKE.   Feelings began to settle in for both of us for each other and with in a month he tells me that he left his marriage so that he could pursue a relationship with me. UGH!!!   THAT was the last thing I needed.  After 6 months of trying the relationship thing out I told him that I was going to do the right thing and walk away.  I told him to go back to his wife and never contact me again.  It was that moment that I made the decision to pursue the porn industry and stop swinging.  The swinging lifestyle had proven to be a slippery slope and the porn was going to replace it to keep that excitement in my life.

The next day I drove to WORLD MODELING and from their office I was sent to AIM HEALTH CARE to get my HIV/STD test. While I was there this guy named DIRTY HARRY gave me a piece of paper with a producer’s phone number on it and four days later I was shooting my first porn.  Hence the beginning of my career in the porn industry.

I will tell you all about CLUB EUPHORIA on Sunday!

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