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San Onofre Beach photo shoot

7579Photos at San Onofre Beach last Saturday morning took a while since it was close to an hour away and then we had to walk a ways to get to the beach area. It used to be a NUDE beach but they do not allow nudity anymore and it butts up against MCCS CAMP PENDLETON in San Diego County.  Its not the best place to take photos because the sand has a lot of oil in it and there is nothing to use as props to sit or stand on.  Difficult for a variety of posing thats for sure and therefore rather boring for me.

Its Friday night and I am relaxing at the moment so I thought I would say hello and share a few of the photos.


This weekend is supposed to be pretty hot and I have quite a bit of work lined up for tomorrow so the beach may not an option unless I go very early in the morning on Sunday. I do want to try my best to get Molly out to play sometime over the weekend.7599

This entire past week I spent painting my garage and building a couple of large cabinets I picked up from Home Depot. My neighbors thought I was moving and then thought I was crazy when I told them I was just giving my garage a face lift. I have to tell you … my garage looks really nice! Now I am shopping for new appliances. FUN STUFF

I recently had my hair highlighted as you may notice in these new photos. I HATE IT! Last year I made the mistake of putting black streaks in my hair and the only way to get rid of black is to highlight it or cut it off. Soooooo I did the highlights. The black is definitely gone now so in a couple of months it will be back to its normal dark brown which is what I prefer.

7644I have also gained five pounds and I can surely see it and feel it. I am working on getting rid of it now. Damn its so hard to shed a measly five pounds anymore. I do like having something to work towards. It keeps me focused.

I have been extremely productive in the past couple of months. Its amazing what a difference my life is NOT have stress / drama around me. I absolutely LOVE being single. I can do what I want to do when I want to do it and for how ever long I want to do it for and I don’t have anyone around to bring me down. I think I may stay like this forever. LIFE IS GOOD!


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