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Salt water pool

0682Masha took these photos of me at my friends salt water pool in Huntington Beach, CA.

On April 7 I am having surgery to have my girls lifted and also have my implants changed out. At first I was going to keep the existing implants because they are only 6 years old but the lift would have caused me to lose a half a cup size. No bueno! The implants would have needed to be replaced in 5 years …… best to change them now. The new implants will be the same (DD) but my surgeon plans to put 75 CCs more in each so they will definitely be fuller.  I am excited …. one week to go!

They have been really bothering me over the past couple of years. I am sure my body building played a huge part in messing them up and my surgeon did recommend that I not bench press any more but I didn’t listen. They began to dimple under each nipple and when I flexed my arm they would look weird.

Soooooo my bench press days are over now. I will not mess the new ones up. Expensive!!!

xoxoxo Jillian FoXXX


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