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Published on December 7th, 2013 | by admin


Pics of me and Chennin


My injury is getting better but it’s been very difficult to cook and pay bills.  I use bill pay through Wells Fargo online but its extremely difficult to write in my bank register although I am doing it with my left hand.  What normally takes ten minutes now takes one hour and its exhausting.  UGH!!

I was going to the gym but quickly realized that I had to stop because my hand would swell and ache the next day.  It really sucks to build bulk muscle and then be forced to stop working out.  Now my muscle will turn to fat and I am not happy about it but “it is what it is”  I will get it back after the cast comes off but it will take a while.  I am guessing that this injury will set me back 6 months of training.

What was surprising to me was the cost of having this injury taken care of without insurance.  The total cost was about $1,100.00 to have all X-rays and the cast vs a $10,000 surgery to not have a crooked wrist.  I can live with a crooked wrist. LOL

I am actually now able to use the fingers on my right hand to type so I am able to post a few pics of me and Chennin from Halloween.

xoxoxo Jillian FoXXX


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