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Wednesday morning I did have new photos taken but I was also very busy with work the rest of that day so I just started looking at them last night. Here is one I like  3449


and a few for the foot fetish guys out there.3451feet

I only had a couple of feet pics taken ….. sorry. I actually almost forgot but remembered when we were wrapping things up.3452 3450feet

I did lose 7 pounds so far doing the Nutrisystem diet, in less than 2 weeks. This photo shows that my arms are still muscular. My workouts are VERY light weight but lots of reps and mainly cardio. I am up to 45 – 60 minutes of cardio every morning. Another 5 pounds and I’ll be happy. I did learn alot doing this diet so far. I eat a little bit of carbs in all three meals and I feel so satisfied. It is extremely hard for me to eat carbs at dinner and I plan to eliminate them for that meal after I complete the 60 days of Nutrisystem that I committed myself to. The portions are tiny but I am allowed to eat as many vegetables as I like as long as they are not starchy ones. I eat alot of baby carrots.

The days are in the mid 70’s now and nights get chilly by around 3 am. Kind of perfect in my opinion. I will sorely miss this weather if I decide to move back to Virginia Beach, VA in 3 years but it will be nice to live in a spacious updated home that will be mine to do what ever I wish and of course being near my family will be awesome. If I go back I will leave everything here in California with my youngest son. He wants to stay here and the expense I will save not moving all my stuff will replace alot of my stuff with brand new. The thought of buying everything brand new sounds like fun fun fun for me.

I still have not decided if I am staying here or moving back. I have the next couple of years to make up my mind.

My Nutrisystem diet seems to be working out well. I have lost 7 pounds so far and I can actually eat some carbs in every meal. Eating carbs, especially at dinner, goes against every grain of my body but my metabolism is changing as I get older so I need to try something new. It seems to be working so I can’t complain.

There are alot of nice photos from last week. I will post one or two pics every time I blog. After I have posted all of the photos THEN I will upload the galleries from July 3rd and this current shoot. XOXOXO Jillian Foxxx

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