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Labor Day Weekend

7765 7812Today is LABOR DAY and I hope everyone has had a nice long holiday weekend. I cannot believe summer is already over but it was a great summer for me, especially compared to last year.

I am starting to plan my yearly East Coast visit and I’ve decided to spend the Christmas holiday with my family. I haven’t been back for the holidays since I moved to California in 1994 mainly because I hate the cold weather and airports can be especially bad during the winter months. I was thinking about flying with Molly but I have decided not to because its an all day flight and she’ll be much happier staying home with my son. I love her so much that I’ll probably have separation anxiety more than she will. LOL

molly92 molly94I am also searching for a local Boston Terrier breeder who breeds non traditional colors of brown and white instead of black and white. Most of what I am finding are from parents that are only 12-15 pounds and I want one from parents that are 15-20 pounds because the smaller ones tend to be more hyper. I am very excited about getting another puppy.

I am planning another photo session in my condo in a few weeks AFTER I have my new couch delivered. I got such a good Labor Day Sale …30% off with free delivery. I just love a good sale and since my birthday is at the end of the month I thought, What the Hell, I deserve a nice birthday present to myself.


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