Stressful weekend 
My ten month old Boston Terrier, Layla got very sick last Thursday night. I cleaned the porch connected to my bedroom around 9:30pm and I always throw lavender Lysol on the concrete so it smells really good. I thought maybe Layla may have licked some of the Lysol although poison control assured me that even if she drank a considerable amount that it would not cause the symptoms she was having. She violently threw up from 11:30 pm until 2:30 am and Friday morning she was totally immobile and listless. She could not even pick her head up. 7 pm Friday night I took her to the emergency vet. All of her vital signs were normal and there didn't seem to be any sort of obstruction. They suggested waiting and watching her closely to see if it passed. She would not eat or even drink water on her own. She just wanted to sleep but at least she stopped throwing up.

I had plans to got with a friend to CLUB JOI, a swing club in Los Angeles on Saturday night but unfortunately I had to cancel. Even if I my son were to dog sit I would have been worried all night about her and not had a good time. My friend has never been and I really want him to have a great experience. There will be another time as the club has events every weekend.

By Sunday afternoon I decide to force feed Layla. I bought pedialyte and fed her from a medicine dropper until she ingested a shot glass at a time. Then I fixed her instant mashed potatoes using juice from a turkey breast I made Saturday afternon to the consistence of applesauce and fed her using a turkey baster. After the mashed potatoes she started to make rapid improvement and a few hours later before we went to bed I fed her some more and she actually ate a couple pieces of turkey. This morning she still won't eat but a few bites but she is drinking ALOT of water.

I am so relieved. I truely thought that she may have died on me over the weekend. I still think the Lysol may have been the culprit. She is only 15 pounds. I have a friend whose tiny dog licked laundry detergent and and the exact same thing happened.

Going for a little walk this morning before it gets to awful hot AGAIN today. Temperatures have been close to 100 degrees here for the last few days and for the next three days.

xoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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Photos …. compliments of my friend Mike from D.C.  
My friend Mike wanted to take a few photos of me this morning, and he requested that I wear my black strappy outfit ………… I hope this will suffice until I can reserve some time with at least one out of two of my regular photographers. One is out of town for a couple of weeks and the other is not "as available" so it has been difficult. Hopefully soon…………
X0 Jillian Foxxx


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Found a bunny 
For the past week this sweet little bunny has been hanging out around my condo. We have a little fenced in park at the end of my building and a few other private areas for the bunny to feel safer than the busy road thats out front. Everyone here has been putting food out but I discovered that lettuce is not good for them at all so I went to the pet store and bought a bag of rabbit food and timothy hay which apparently they love. I was able to pick him/her up and put it in a rather large dog kennel I had in my garage. I really don't want to call animal control so one of my neighbors knows someone who raises bunnies. I am really hoping that they can take it over the weekend. Its a shame. It has to belong to somebody in my neighborhood. Hopefully I can give it a good home. I researched on the internet and it said that there is no way it would survive if I didn't capture it. I guess I am saving its life………..

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Walking the dogs with Jenna Covelli this morning 
I drove to South County to spend the morning with Jenna Covelli. Our dogs all met for the very first time and got along very well. I was a little concerned about my older Boston, Molly. Ever since I got Layla she has been a little unpredictable meeting new dogs and has been a little nippy. Never an issue on the dog beach however. I Introduced Molly to Jenna's dog Popcorn first while leaving Layla in my car just to be on the safe side. I thought it would be best to let them get to know each other outside her condo first before going inside. Molly was not shy and investigated the entire place top to bottom while Layla acted a bit nervous. I got the tour and while we were upstairs I noticed Layla was not with us. I was so embarrassed and a bit horrified to see that Layla pooped in her house!! OMG Thank goodness Jenna is so easy going (like me). I guess the strange house and new animal smells got to her and when we all went upstairs she freaked out a little. "Gotta LOVE EM….and I do!"

Anyway, here are a few pics we took during our walk. xoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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I don't have any new photos at the moment but don't worry I am trying to have photos taken over the next few weeks. My new workouts seem to be helping since they are geared towards rehabbing my problem area. Lots of cardio, TONS of stretching and mainly range of motion using machines that target the hips and glutes.

After staying off of cholesterol medication (statins) for 2 months I had new blood work and I am officially OFF of medication. My good cholesterol (HDL) is double what is normal so it takes from the bad (LDL) , which is a tad bit higher than normal SO I AM OKAY. I was dreading having to go back on statins because of the crazy side effects.

Tomorrow morning I am planning to take my puppies to visit with Jenna Covelli and her dog "Popcorn". We will probably take a nice walk and let our babies play a bit. It should be fun.

I am writing this on my iPad and it's getting late ..... almost 9 pm! LOL. It's late for me anyway.
Nite nite
xoxoxoxoxoxo. Jillian Foxxx

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