I went to CLUB JOI in Los Angeles, CA last Saturday night with my very attractive and super fun friend Phil. It was my first time there and his second time. This place was such a blast that I will definitely return for another fun night of dancing and sex. It was a lot different from the PLUSH / EUPHORIA swing club - party I attended in June 2013 which I was more annoyed with than anything because that crowd was very young and more interested in frequent bathroom breaks to do drugs.

CLUB JOI was the typical swinger crowd, ages ranging from 35 - 50. Everyone had smiles on their faces, danced their asses off and got busy having fun in the playrooms. My partner Phil is close to my age, has a super fit, muscular body ........ Very attractive and a great dancer. We spent quite a bit of time on the dance floor which is something I have not done in three years, mainly because within one hour of dancing one or both of my knees would begin to hurt causing me to limp badly the rest of the night and for the following week.

All of the cardio I have been doing over the last few years has obviously strengthened my knees because they gave me no problems whatsoever. My hip and lower back did give me a tiny bit of grief but nothing that bad and I was able to recoup within the next 24 hours so obviously that injury is well on its way to being 100%. FINALLY! Its was August 2013 when I injured my hip / glute initially.

We arrived at 9:30 which was a bit early and there was only about 10 couples already there. The music was great and there was one lone super sexy girl dancing by herself, wearing only a purple G String and platform stilettos, working the stripper pole like a pro. I did not take any photos but I did wear this sexy black sparkly dress to the club and then changed into A tiny sexy purple two-piece outfit after at about 11 pm. The theme for the night was purple by the way. Not everyone followed the theme but a lot of people did.

We decided to get an early start in one of the playrooms at around 10:30 pm and then for a second time at around midnight. Phil performed surprisingly well both times for someone who is new at this game. I was reluctant however to engage another couple to play with us because I did not want to intimidate my partner. The first play time there was only one other couple in a rather large playroom. SHE was giving her man a blowjob across the room while we actually did quite a bit more. The second time there were so many people in the room we first played in that we would have literally rubbed skin to skin with other couples and my partner was just a little freaked out. We decided to find a smaller, less crowded room that started out empty but after after we started getting busy it very quickly attracted three or four more couples. This room was only about a 15 x 15' room so five couples made it a bit crowded. One couple got extremely close to us and I was afraid that it could intimidate Phil but he proceeded like a champ. Personally I like getting busy in the rooms that are the least likely for anyone else to have sex .... Like in the main room where everyone is dancing. Of course I am quite the exhibitionist but fully understand that alot of guys would freak out if I proceeded to blow him in that room. I want the experience to be as successful as possible for everyone involved.

I hope that he asks me to go again in the near future because the more he is exposed to this lifestyle the more comfortable Play time will be for him and we will be able to include one or more couples to play with us. Of course when couples play together it is mainly girl girl play and total swap. I am sure some of you are wondering and may be paranoid about any interaction that could happen between the men. Don't worry guys because I have never ever seen that happen. The females are always a lot more attractive than men but that's a win-win for you guys and actually for me too since I like playing with girls. The only problem is a lot of couples do not want to swap all the way. The girls always will play with each other and I am always ready to take one for the team and play with her man however many times the wife of the other couple will not want to play with another man. It's unfair because most couples will be fully okay letting me play with both of them but NOT ok with including the guy I am with. I find that very frustrating however I fully understand it as far as being a married couple. For the first few years of my swinging experience I would attend as a single female and was able to play with almost anyone I wanted. That can get old after a while and now I find it more fun to have a partner who likes to dance as much as I do and will guarantee me action all night.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. I will try not to take so long to blog next time :). XOXOXOXOXO Jillian Foxxx

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Comments to comments 
It is hard to believe that it's been three weeks since I last wrote on my blog. I have actually dropped another 3 pounds since I took the photos in the pink gym outfit that everybody seems to like. I stopped the Nutrisystem diet and actually gave The last two weeks of what food was left to my son's girlfriend who is also on a similar diet. I am just maintaining now but obviously I still need to add a few extra calories into my diet because I dropped more weight. I like where I'm at right now and do not want to get any thinner.

In reading all of the comments left after my very last blog posting the photos in pink gym clothes I see that a lot of you are asking for feet photos. Since I don't do porn anymore and I don't have or want a boyfriend it is difficult for me to do a foot job on the video or in a photo shoot. I would never ask one of my clients to participate in something like that with me because it's just something that would not be right for me to ask them. THE 5th LINK ON THE RIGHT is the video I did for LEG SEX by THE SCORE GROUP in 2006. FEET MARCH 2007 is the 10th gallery from the top. HERE ARE A COUPLE MORE FEET PICS FROM LAST MONTHS SHOOT.

I have been getting quite bits of requests for video conferencing. I am not at all into phone sex and would not be good at it so that does not interest me one bit. I would consider sexy video chatting but it would have to be at a cost and I really don't know how I would charge for my time to do that. Of course it would have to be done by appointments made in advance and I could take payment through PayPal. I use the square however I do not like keying in anyone's credit card information; I must have their card to swipe to avoid problems with the transaction. Those of you who want to make an offer for a block of time can email me directly to discuss at Make me a good offer and I will consider it.
XO Jillian Foxxx

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Nice fall days …yes even here in So Cal 
The weather has been perfect here ..mid 70s during the day and mid 50s at night. My friend and photographer Peter came by last Friday and snapped a few photos in this pink gym outfit. Its one of his favorite outfits that I wear around the house actually. In the gym of course I do not wear the long pink top. I don't post too many photos in normal clothes so here ya go.
xoxo Jillian Foxxx

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Fall has arrived here in Southern California 
The days are in the mid 70's now and nights get chilly by around 3 am. Kind of perfect in my opinion. I will sorely miss this weather if I decide to move back to Virginia Beach, VA in 3 years but it will be nice to live in a spacious updated home that will be mine to do what ever I wish and of course being near my family will be awesome. If I go back I will leave everything here in California with my youngest son. He wants to stay here and the expense I will save not moving all my stuff will replace alot of my stuff with brand new. The thought of buying everything brand new sounds like fun fun fun for me.

I still have not decided if I am staying here or moving back. I have the next couple of years to make up my mind.

My Nutrisystem diet seems to be working out well. I have lost 7 pounds so far and I can actually eat some carbs in every meal. Eating carbs, especially at dinner, goes against every grain of my body but my metabolism is changing as I get older so I need to try something new. It seems to be working so I can't complain.

There are alot of nice photos from last week. I will post one or two pics every time I blog. After I have posted all of the photos THEN I will upload the galleries from July 3rd and this current shoot. XOXOXO Jillian Foxxx

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more photos 
I have not viewed all of the photos yet but here are a couple of my favorites.
xoxo Jillian Foxxx

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