Pelican Hill photos 
Here are a few NUDES taken at Pelican Hill Resort.
ENJOY! xoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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These photos were taken of me and Masha last weekend at the Pelican Hill Resort Suite.
ENJOY!! xoxoxo Jillian

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a few new photos from Pelican Hill Resort  
Here are a few new photos from Pelican Hill Resort last Sunday. I have to remember that it is typical that outside photography is just so much better than indoors and I should not be so critical of these photos taken. I was able to find 20 good photos out of 96 so far ..... thats actually pretty darn good. I wore a black garter set in these photos when I am usually in hot pink to compliment my skin ( the color helps make the photos POP) and I think when I initially viewed the photos I did not take a liking to them right away.

I do need more variety in photos ...... so here are 3 pics. Tell me what you think.

xoxoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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We finally had a good downpour yesterday very early morning while we slept. I hope we get a lot more because we REALLY need it. Sunday Masha and I reserved a bungalow at Pelican Hill Resort at Newport Coast for the sole purpose of taking photos. Unfortunately we were not able to check into the room until 4 PM (so much for early check-in promised) but they upgraded us to a suite which gave us twice the space. By the time we got to the room the sun was so incredibly strong and shining directly into the back of the suite. We thought that having a photographer (instead of taking each other's photos) would be better and we could get more photos but the first day ended up being dead time. We trusted that the photographer would have taken advantage of the lighting in the best way and we were wrong. He faced the camera INTO the sun coming into the room therefore making the photos super dark. All he had to do was close the sliding wooden doors to cover the back windows to reduce the sun coming into the room AND face his back to the light. Needless to say out of 571 photos we will be lucky to salvage 20 decent photos and because of the lighting and wrong focus point that was used our faces are not clear and sharp as they should have been.

We had another photographer come at 8 PM and took photos in a dark suite with incredible flash and out of 159 photos we are able to use at least half of them. The day was not a total loss.

Monday morning Masha took my photos and I took her photos. VERY NICE! WE took 313 photos and there are many super shots to choose from. The lighting in the room was fantastic and because we faced our backs to the light coming into the room we got beautiful results. We know what we want and what we like so we plan to depend on ourselves from now on.

Here are a few photos we took of each other outside my surgeon's office a few weeks ago.

xoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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Even MORE pics 
These photos were taken with the new lens I bought for my camera. The photos previously posted in the leopard dress were taken by someone else who has a similar lens for his camera.
I will try my best to work on getting some galleries up soon. Its been a VERY busy year
xoxoxo Jillian

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