Even MORE pics 
These photos were taken with the new lens I bought for my camera. The photos previously posted in the leopard dress were taken by someone else who has a similar lens for his camera.
I will try my best to work on getting some galleries up soon. Its been a VERY busy year
xoxoxo Jillian

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Here are more photos that were taken at my friends salt water pool on the same day the pink bikini pics were taken. I just bought a new lens for my camera and Masha and I took photos of each other last weekend that came out REALLY NICE. Since I just finished sorting through the salt water pool photos I am ready to go through the one we took last weekend. I will post some of those in a few days.
xoxoxox Jillian Foxxx

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HEAT WAVE in So. Cal. 
Its been super hot here in Southern California since I got back from the East Coast. Temperatures are in the high 90's here near the beach and up to 110 inland and in the valley. I have had my A/C on 24/7 for the past few days.

It was weird because the East Coast was milder than usual during my entire stay and I actually had to borrow a jacket and buy a pair of jeans wile I was there because I was chilly. I am not used to air condition 24 / 7 and froze everywhere I went that was indoors and went outside to get relief. Alot of my family were sick with either a cold or flu so I am feel very lucky that I didn't get sick myself. I popped Immune system boosters everyday just in case.

The third day back home (yesterday/Saturday) I felt jet lag so bad that I went to bed at 8:30 pm. Alot of my tiredness I am sure was because I ran myself ragged the entire time there. Today I feel almost normal. This is exactly why I don't tour like a lot of other escort/providers. "THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME" xoxoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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I am finally back from10 days on the East Coast  
I got back late Wednesday night ( August 12) from Virginia Beach, VA. I flew into DC on Monday August 3 and was available to see clients until I flew into Norfolk, VA Friday afternoon
(August 7). The one hour flight from Dc to Norfolk was supposed to leave at 12:30 pm but was delayed until 5:30 and then the rental car I had reserved in Norfolk was not waiting for me and I had to wait another hour to get my car. UGH!!! Other than that brutal day spent at the airport for a one hour flight my trip was successful and I had a great visit with my family over the weekend and then I drove to Richmond on Monday where my best friend lives and spent some quality time with her in between seeing clients.

The flight back to LA was actually a little early…. WHEW! I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning my condo and I am just a wee bit tired. I don't think I was able to get one full night sleep the entire trip. I really missed my dogs and so glad to be home.

xoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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I will be touring Washington DC for the first time August 3 - 6. I will be hosting In Call appointments at hotel close to Dulles Airport in Chantilly, VA.

Please email me at jillian92841@aol.com to discuss availability and rate

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