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I am NOT retiring!!!

I was talking to Ginger Spice this morning and she told me that one of her clients told her that I was retiring. NO NO NO ! I am NOT RETIRING. My last entry I wrote about my thoughts of how I want to prepare myself for retirement. I have no plans to retire for another 15 years. 15 years is not that far away and I need to start planning for that day now. I definitely do not want to retire and struggle financially. 3929

I expressed “maybe” buying a house in Virginia Beach, VA where all my family lives in a couple of years AFTER my son graduates from college. MAYBE.¬†3935

To be honest I would LOVE to be able to buy a place here in Southern California. I am on a mission to SAVE SAVE SAVE and I think I may have my down payment saved by next year without touching my investments. I just may stay in California.

xoxoxo  Jillian FoXXX

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