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Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Masha and I went to CLUB JOI to bring in the new year with a couple of close friends, one of our photographers and his fiancé.  2018 is the year of the EARTH DOG according to Chinese astrology and the colors to bring in the new year is orange and gold so we wore gold dresses.  

We tried to take photos there but it was just too dark and we were politely reminded that photos were not allowed.  “OH WELL .. it is what it is”  We did a little bit of dancing  … we hoped to dance alot but the music was not to our liking.  Up stairs in the play rooms the music was really good so we gravitated there.  Masha found a guy to play “rock, scissors, paper”  …. the loser had to take off one item of clothing.  Masha won every time but honestly I think he lost on purpose so he could get naked.   After he was completely naked Masha let him earn back each piece of clothing by playing “Simon Says” and she made him do crazy Russian dance moves.  It was hilarious!   Hahahahahahaha

I was the designated driver for the night so after the four of us left the club we picked up my son from his New Years Eve party.  It was 4 AM by the time we got home.  WHAT A NIGHT! FUN Fun funnnnnnn

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