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Happy New Year 2016_ CLUB JOI

Masha and I left for Club Joi at 9 PM just as the New Year arrived on the East Coast. We asked the Club permission to take photos there however the club was so incredible dark that we decided that photos would be a waste of time. SORRY!

Masha brought a bottle of champagne but she only had 2 glasses. I don’t drink at all so driving home was not an issue at all. Since we are SINGLE women members of the club and attend as single women going there together we get into the club for free. It was so cold inside that we kept our coats on for the first hour. Once we hit the dance floor we quickly started warming up and the night was kicked into high gear. We were both constantly getting hit on by hot couples but we were not interested in going into the play rooms. WE WANTED TO DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY. And we did. After a couple of hours tearing up the dance floor we did cruise through the play rooms but there really wasn’t alot of sex happening. Most of the couples were having sex with their partners only and they did not even have their clothes off totally. It was a little lame in my opinion but it was only 12:30 pm since the club stays open until 4 am it was still very early. For me it was pretty late because I am usually in bed by 11PM even on Friday ad Saturday nights. LOL

I am sure we disappointed some couples there because we didn’t want to play with them but we had a lot of sexy fun with each other including other beautiful women on the dance floor. We get a lot of sex all the time so we just wanted to dance and be able to get naked if we wanted to on the dance floor. Masha is great on the dance floor and we had a super fun night.

xoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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