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Happy Mother’s Day to ME ………

IMG_1623and all the other wonderful, beautiful mothers out there! Its almost 7:30 am on this special day and I’m writing this entry with both of my Boston baby girls (Molly and Layla) and my grey Tabby (BB) snuggled on my lap and we are watching ANIMAL PLANET’s show called PREPOSTEROUS PETS. I just love my furry little girls. They are so completely opposite in personality. Since Boston Terriers were originally bred together with White English Terrier and French Bull dog their offspring may favor one breed more than the other.

Molly is 2 years and 3 months and she is always so serious and such a good girl. She was so easy to potty train but she is a picky eater with a bit of allergy problems so I have to be careful what I feed her. She resembles more Terrier with a longer nose of maybe 4 inches and a more aggressive, protective personality. She never barked at all until he was about 9 months old.DSC00005

Layla is almost 18 months and she is my naughty little girl. She definitely has more French Bulldog in her and she was born with a totally flat face which now has a little bit of a snout but only maybe an inch long. She snores, snorts and is very vocal all the time, always trying to stir up trouble with Molly, who looks at her like she is crazy. She is super sassy and is always getting herself into trouble but she is such a clown that its hard to get mad at her. My female Tabby BB is 7 years old and she tries her best to stay clear of the dogs but often will cozy up next to them.

DSC00029They keep me busy and give me great happiness. Between my private work and my furry kids I have no desire for a relationship. Especially now that my Girlfriend Masha moved into the building next-door in December I have a BFF who hangs out with me almost everyday. We run errands and go shopping together and when we are not “working” separately or together we just hang out.

xoxo Jillian FoXXX

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