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Fall has arrived here in Southern California

3314It is hard to believe that it’s been three weeks since I last wrote on my blog. I have actually dropped another 3 pounds so I stopped the Nutrisystem diet and actually gave The last two weeks of what food was left to my son’s girlfriend who is also on a similar diet. I am just maintaining now but obviously I still need to add a few extra calories into my diet because I dropped more weight. I like where I’m at right now and do not want to get any thinner.

3316The days are in the mid 70’s now and nights get chilly by around  10 pm. Kind of perfect in my opinion. I will sorely miss this weather if I decide to move back to Virginia Beach, VA in 3 years but it will be nice to live in a spacious updated home that will be mine to do what ever I wish and of course being near my family will be awesome. If I go back I will leave everything here in California with my youngest son. He wants to stay here and the expense I will save not moving all my stuff will replace alot of my stuff with brand new. The thought of buying everything brand new sounds like fun fun fun for me.

I still have not decided if I am staying here or moving back. I have the next couple of years to make up my mind.

xoxoxo Jillian FoXXX

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