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Published on July 21st, 2013 | by admin


Dog Beach

Although its been a rather dismal weekend here in Southern California I still managed to take Molly to the dog beach yesterday.  Our weather here has been overcast and not very hot for July and this is the third month in a row that it has been cooler than normal and rather gloomy.

We ran into a 7 month old black and white male boston who was trying to hump another male dog. I did not know that a male would hump another male until I saw it with my own eyes. LOL

0189 I am planning to get another Boston after Molly turns a year old in February so she will have a playmate. She has separation issues and gets depressed when I am not home.  I was considering a male but not after what I learned yesterday on the dog beach. The owners of the male Boston told me that he lifts his leg on everything, even in the house. OH, hell no.

I will definitely be getting another female and will have to start searching for a breeder. The brown Bostons are not easy to find but I like the color better than black and white.


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