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Cosmetic Surgery 04/04/2017

Friday March 31 I had a laser procedure on my face and chest.  My doctor has been trying to get me to do this procedure for two years and honestly it was not as bad as I expected.  I only agreed because I had scheduled my big surgery four days later so I knew I had plenty of recovery time.  I was actually able to work Sunday evening and Monday before the main event.

Tuesday April 4, 2017 I had a face and neck lift.   I also had fat transplanted into my face which I was expecting to leave me with terrific bruises but to my surprise there is absolutely no bruising what so ever.  I was greatly concerned because you cannot put ice on fat transplant areas and I was worried about the swelling but its not bad at all as you can see in this photo that I took only a few hours after surgery.

Dr Semira Bayati in Newport Beach, CA has been and will always be my surgeon.  She is the only doctor I trust 100% and she is HIGHLY recommended.

Masha had cosmetic surgery yesterday (Friday 04/07/17) so we are recovering together at my condo since my couch has three recliners and we both are required to sleep with our heads elevated.   She had fat transferred from areas she had lipo done into her ass so we are looking forward to seeing the results ….. so far it looks fantastic!  Her surgeon is also Dr. Semira Bayati. Wish I had my hair and makeup artist from Orange County here!

I hope to be available by Wednesday 04/12/2017.  


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