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Meeting ME

2212I was reading comments and I was asked how someone could reach me to arrange a meeting. I do work as an escort here in Southern California so it is absolutely possible to meet with me privately. It is best to contact me through email at to begin that process and to get more details.

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I have been getting quite a few requests from individuals wanting me to take them to a swing event. I am really not interested in continuing my participation in the “Lifestyle” on a regular basis.


Will I go again? Of course I will go again, but maybe not for another year. I just needed to let off some steam and do something a little crazy once in a blue moon. For many years I lived such a crazy colorful life and on a regular basis….been there, done that… I have so many crazy memories stored up that all I have to do is reminisce. Oh the stories I can tell!

Back to the request …… escorting to a swing event is not a good idea because if I am known for bringing in a different guy overtime I come in with a partner I may get banned.


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