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Blogging again

4024Now that I have new photos to post I will be blogging more often. As you all know I do like to post at least one photo when I write an entry on this site. My workouts are finally back to normal and my body is springing right back to where it was when I broke my wrist last November. I did not think it would take too long.4023

My new puppy Layla is getting big fast and will be caught up to Molly before I know it. Last weekend I took them to the dog beach and the tide was so high that half the beach was under water. It was 85 degrees outside so there were tons of dogs on the beach. Layla was snapped at by a pit bull and my poor baby was so scared. So was I. Who brings a basket full of their dogs toys to a place where there are tons of other dogs when they KNOW their dog is territorial over its toys. CRAZY I can’t blame the dog. I blame the owner. From now on I plan to keep Layla on a leash until she gets a bit older. Layla has a couple of scratches above one of her eyes but nothing that will scar. If the other dog wanted to hurt her he would have for certain. He was about 60 pounds over Layla’s 10 pounds.

I hope everyone has an outstanding weekend and I will touch base after I return from my trip on Sunday evening.

xoxoxo Jillian FoXXX

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