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Recovering from Implant surgery


Masha got her DDDs on April 1 and I had my DD implants replaced on April 7.


Here is a photo of Masha and I together that was taken with my iPhone last week.


We are planning a photo shoot next Saturday so I will have new ones to post in about a month after I am done recovering.

My surgeon did a great job and I am way happier with the new ones. These do not hurt at all, my nipples are still responsive in a good way and the areolas are smaller and are now the same size. The stitching is not noticeable like the old ones and the lift made everything so much firmer and tighter. When I flex my arm there is no separation between the implants and muscle like the old ones and NO MORE DIMPLES under the nipples. I am super happy !!! I did take a few selfies since I had my “lift” and implants replaced so I will post them now.




This photo on the left was taken 6 days post surgery right after the bandages were removed.  You can still see the bruises. 


The photo below is 33 days post surgery.  Still slight bruising noticeable on MY RIGHT side




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