I hope everybody has a nice holiday with their loved ones. I am actually spending today alone. My son is at a friend's BBQ with his girlfriend and my neighbors are having a rather large get together with their family. It reminds me of my family get togethers in Virginia…VERY LOUD, but I kinda miss it.

I have been here in southern California for 20 years now and I have been doing some serious thinking about where I want to be when I finally retire. So I started checking out real estate here and in Virginia Beach / Richmond area. I LOVE it out here but reality is that if I choose to buy a place in California it will be on the small side AND I will be strapped with monthly mortgage payments of 2,500 -3,000 PLUS I will have to put a down payment of 100,000 + on a place that will cost approximately $400,000 - 500,000. The size of a place in this range is only about 1200 - 1600 square feet. In Virginia I can buy 2,000 square feet for about $220,00 - 240,000 …brand spanking new too. $50,000 down and monthly payments of about 1,000 is pretty darn sweet. I would rather live near family, live in a nice ass place, and not ever have to worry about my finances. I have to start thinking about practicality. My son still has about 2 more years until he graduates with his Bachelors degree and thats when I will decide if I will go back east. I can work anywhere doing what I do and I definitely plan to keep working for as long as I can, and maybe even start touring here and there after I move.

Alot to think about. I honestly never thought I would leave California. Things change. I miss my family alot.

xoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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Unfortunately Jenna Covelli is not comfortable doing girl - girl play so dosing doubles with her will probably not be a good idea. Trust me, I am as bummed about it as everyone else.

I have spent the past 2 weeks nursing that freaking dry ass cough thats been going around. I ended up finally going to doctor last week and he gave me stuff for asthma (steroid in an inhaler) and a 3 day antibiotic that made me feel so much better. Im still coughing but that nature of the cough is way better. I made it back into the gym this morning for the first time in 2 weeks. No cardio until the cough is totally gone but at least I can throw a little weight around.

Layla got spayed last week so that certainly came at a good time since I was not well enough to go on long walks myself. Poor Molly lucks out on the walks however I did take them this morning after my workout for a short one. I may take them for another short walk this evening.

Chat LATER!!

xoxo Jillian

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Earthquake Friday night 
I was watching WOLF OF WALL STREET Friday evening when the earthquake hit. I must say it was the longest lasting one I have felt since I moved here in 1994. The walls shook hard for at least 30 seconds and my puppies freaked out. There was an after shock an hour later.

Someone made a comment that my surgeon screwed up my nipples. Nothing is perfect and the bottom line is that I am happy with them regardless. At least they are the same size now, hang natural, are soft and bouncy. No I did not ask for a refund. They were very expensive too.
If I was perfect I would be like a Barbie Doll and that wouldn't be good would it?

I flew to San Francisco last weekend and NO I did not take any photos while there. My flight was delayed 2 hours and 20 minutes and by the time I got to my destination it was getting dark outside so photos were out of the questions. I seem to have gotten a little bit of a dry cough from the trip so I have decided to take an extra day off from working out so I can get some extra rest.

This afternoon I am planning to visit Jenna Covelli at her new condo and I will bring my puppies so they can have a play date with her dog. That should be fun. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

xo Jillian Foxxx

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Blogging again 
Now that I have new photos to post I will be blogging more often. As you all know I do like to post at least one photo when I write an entry on this site. My workouts are finally back to normal and my body is springing right back to where it was when I broke my wrist last November. I did not think it would take too long. I am flying to San Francisco tomorrow and hope to take a few photos while I am there.

My new puppy Layla is getting big fast and will be caught up to Molly before I know it. Last weekend I took them to the dog beach and the tide was so high that half the beach was under water. It was 85 degrees outside so there were tons of dogs on the beach. For the first time another dog attacked my baby Layla. It was more a snap but she was so scared. So was I. Who brings a basket full of their dogs toys to a place where there are tons of other dogs when they KNOW their dog is territorial over its toys. CRAZY I can't blame the dog. I blame the owner. From now on I plan to keep Layla on a leash until she gets a bit older. Layla has a couple of scratches above one of her eyes but nothing that will scar. If the other dog wanted to hurt her he would have for certain He was about 60 pounds over Layla's 10 pounds.

I hope everyone has an outstanding weekend and I will touch base after I return from my trip on Sunday evening.

xoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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I have received comments regarding new photos. I have not done new photos since the shoot with Chennin Blanc on Halloween BECAUSE I broke my wrist in 2 places. I certainly did not want photos in a cast and then after cast was taken off I needed to get back into shape after taking a few months off from working out.

I have not done studio photos in a couple of years BECAUSE the studio closed down. One of my photographers found another studio recently and since we have to book time I am sharing the time with Ginger Spice next month. I have not posted any new galleries BECAUSE I always post new photos when I blog. Sooooooooo if you go back through my blog you will see so many different photos. I guess I can create some galleries but it takes time and I have been staying pretty darn busy between work, working out, and my two puppies.

So here is ONE photo from Sundays shoot. I have just started going through them so there will be a few more later. BE PATIENT please
xoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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