Natasha from Siberia visiting California 
My BFF Masha has a friend visiting here rom Siberia for 3 weeks. Her name is Natasha and she is absolutely gorgeous!!!! SHE IS AVAILABLE GENTLEMEN so don't miss out on this Russian beauty. Contact me or Masha directly regarding booking. MANDARY screening is required so have your provider references ready!!!

I am easy to find by simply doing a google search for my contact phone number. Or email me with references at

xoxoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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Jillian and Masha …DOUBLE TROUBLE  
Here are a few photos of me and Masha. We do alot of doubles together. Enjoy

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Memorial Day PHOTOS 
Masha and I went to a memorial weekend BBQ and decided that it would be a great place to take pics since the guy hosting the party has a great master bathroom. Her and I are doing pretty well at taking our own photos of each other with my new camera. Its so nice because finding a photographer was beginning to be quite a hassle. This way we can take photos often and anytime we want.

xoxo Jillian Foxxx

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Memorial weekend 
Yesterday Masha and I went to the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival. It was my first time going although I have been living in this city for 10 years. We took my dogs and they had a blast walking among all the people who were there. There were a lot of vendors selling handmade and commercial products and there was also rides for the kids. Today we are going to a BBQ. It should be fun.

xoxoJillian Foxxx

This is me and my baby Layla.

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Double entry for today 
I did take a few selfies since I had my "lift" and implants replaced so I will post them now. My surgeon did a great job and I am way happier with the new ones. These do not hurt at all, my nipples are still responsive in a good way and the areolas are smaller and are now the same size. The stitching is not noticeable like the old ones and the lift made everything so much firmer and tighter. When I flex my arm there is no separation between the implants and muscle like the old ones and NO MORE DIMPLES under the nipples. I am super happy !!!

The first photo was taken 6 days post surgery right after the bandages were removed. The other pics I took yesterday while I was waiting for a client to come over.

xoxoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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