Memorial weekend 
Yesterday Masha and I went to the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival. It was my first time going although I have been living in this city for 10 years. We took my dogs and they had a blast walking among all the people who were there. There were a lot of vendors selling handmade and commercial products and there was also rides for the kids. Today we are going to a BBQ. It should be fun.

xoxoJillian Foxxx

This is me and my baby Layla.

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Double entry for today 
I did take a few selfies since I had my "lift" and implants replaced so I will post them now. My surgeon did a great job and I am way happier with the new ones. These do not hurt at all, my nipples are still responsive in a good way and the areolas are smaller and are now the same size. The stitching is not noticeable like the old ones and the lift made everything so much firmer and tighter. When I flex my arm there is no separation between the implants and muscle like the old ones and NO MORE DIMPLES under the nipples. I am super happy !!!

The first photo was taken 6 days post surgery right after the bandages were removed. The other pics I took yesterday while I was waiting for a client to come over.

xoxoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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Happy Mother's Day to me .......... 
AND all the other wonderful, beautiful mothers out there! Its almost 7:30 am on this special day and I'm writing this entry with both of my Boston baby girls snuggled on my lap and we are watching ANIMAL PLANET's show called PREPOSTEROUS PETS. I just love my furry little girls. They are so completely opposite in personality. Since Boston Terriers were originally bred together with White English Terrier and French Bull dog their offspring may favor one breed more than the other.

Molly is 2 years and 3 months and she is always so serious and such a good girl. She was so easy to potty train but she is a picky eater with a bit of allergy problems so I have to be careful what I feed her. She resembles more Terrier with a longer nose of maybe 4 inches and a more aggressive, protective personality. She never barked at all until he was about 9 months old.

Layla is almost 18 months and she is my naughty little girl. She definitely has more French Bulldog in her and she was born with a totally flat face which now has a little bit of a snout but only maybe an inch long. She snores, snorts and is very vocal all the time, always trying to stir up trouble with Molly, who looks at her like she is crazy. She is super sassy and is always getting herself into trouble but she is such a clown that its hard to get mad at her.

They keep me busy and give me great happiness. Between my private work and my furry kids I have no desire for a relationship. Especially now that my Girlfriend Masha moved into the building next-door in December I have a BFF who hangs out with me almost everyday. We run errands and go shopping together and when we are not "working" separately or together we just hang out.

Masha got her DDDs on April 1 and I had my implants replaced on April 7. We had John, one of our favorite clients, take a couple of pics with my iPhone last week so I thought I would share them. We are planning a photo shoot next Saturday so I will have new ones to post in about a month.

xoxoxoxo Jillian Foxxx and Masha

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Comments to comments 

My nipples look smaller in the pics with me in the pool because I was a little chilly. When my nipples get stimulated the areola gets smaller so that the nipple can get more erect. My left areola was about 1/4" bigger than the right. My surgeon did fix that and I must say they really look great and best of all I am very happy with the results. They have been really bothering me over the past couple of years. I am sure my body building played a huge part in messing them up and my surgeon did recommend that I not bench press any more but I didn't listen. They began to dimple under each nipple and when I flexed my arm they would look weird.

Soooooo my bench press days are over now. I will not mess the new ones up. Expensive!!!

I'll get Masha to take a few photos of me soon with the new camera.

xo Jillian

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Boob Lift 
On April 7 I had surgery to have my girls lifted and also had my implants changed out. At first I was going to keep the existing implants because they are only 6 years old but the lift would have caused me to lose a half a cup size. No bueno! The implants would have needed to be replaced in 5 years ...... best to change them now. The new implants are the same (DD) but my surgeon put 75 CCs more in each so they are definitely fuller now than before.

Recovery gave me the opportunity to finish editing photos taken by the salt water pool so here are a few. xoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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