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"Oh man I love that style of G-string! The way the straps curve up over the hips is so sexy. You look great wearing it, have you any pictures wearing heels with it?
I know you'll probably say no but I'll ask anyway. Would you consider shooting some new scenes or even just one for old times sake? I'm sure the guys from the Score Group would welcome you back with open arms."

Here is a photo with heels on. Sorry but most of the photos I took barefoot. If ANILOS wants to shoot me again I will. SCORE GROUP wanted to shoot me in July 2014 but I turned it down because it was not worth the money they offered. They were willing to shoot the scene using condoms but it just wasn't worth my time. ANILOS however is a great company to shoot for and I affiliate with their site and collect a monthly check so its way worth it, not to mention I don't have to fly cross country to film for them.

xoxoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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cold cold cold 
Summer is finally over here in Southern California and today it is cold. After the 2 month heat wave we had in September and October I kinda like it.

My best friend (Dolores) of 35 years made a surprise visit two weeks ago. She has a friend who drives a semi truck for a living and since she is retired she accepted his invitation to ride with him cross country. So they left Richmond, Virginia early October and after stopping in 13 different states they finally made it to Southern California. He promised her that they would stop for 2 days to visit with me but when he called his boss to tell him he was taking two days off he was notified of a pickup in Las Vegas. I guess the gambling obsession kicked in and he accepted that pickup in Vegas forgetting all about their plan. She was upset to say the least so her and I decided that I would pick her up and send her back on a one way flight when ever she was ready to go home. Dolores is highly allergic to dogs and cats so she has been hesitant to visit with me over the past 6 years because I have my cat BeBe who is 6 years old and my 2 boston terriers who are 2 and 2 1/2 years old. Of course she has asthma medication she takes daily and another medication she takes if she has a reaction but we just were not sure how she would get along. Masha invited her to stay at her apartment if her allergies kicked in but surprisingly Dolores had no problems. She even forgot to take her asthma meds one day with no reaction and my 2 bostons were all over her all day long.

Cudos to my housekeeping skills because my condo and my pets are always clean and smell like baby powder. Of course a lot of it had to do with my dogs being short hair and my cat stays in the downstairs more than upstairs where she stayed. All these years she thought she couldn't visit because of her allergies. I am super happy that now she can come out and stay as long as she wants. She stayed 12 days and only went back to Richmond because of a doctor's appointment she just couldn't postpone.

Dolores and I have supported each other through good and bad and we have certainly done a lot of partying and clubbing together back in the day. Her last visit here in 2004 I took her to LA COUPLES Swing Club where she fucked Bryan Pumper (porn star). FUN TIMES I love her as a sister, my entire family considers her part of the family and my youngest son calls her Auntie Dolores.

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Its been a rather quiet week. I'm guessing that a lot of people were preoccupied with Halloween plans. The clocks go forward tonight and I am awake later than usual so I thought I would post a few photos I had taken last weekend in my FAIRY costume. I hope you all had something fun planned. xoxoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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Halloween is near....... 
Masha and I took photos last Sunday and decided to wear costumes. Here are a couple photos and I plan to upload more as the week gets closer to the bewitching hour.
xoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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A visit with an old friend from the industry 
Last week I visited with an old friend from the adult industry and had him snap a few photos of me in his backyard in Sherman Oaks. I met my friend Mike and his significant other, Linda Roberts at LA Couples Swing Club back in 2003. Linda Roberts and I performed together in a 3 sum with Jack Venice for NAUGHTY AMERICA in 2006. Very cool friends.
xoxoxo Jillian Foxxx

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